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Weddings For Mid-Life Couples - Midlife Weddings

Couples over the age of 40 have different needs and expectations than younger couples! WE GET IT!
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Weddings for Mid-Life Couples:

First, what is a “Mid-Life Couple”?  Typically, this is a couple over the age of forty.  Often this is not their first marriage… but they intend for it to be their last!   Sometimes they are a same-sex couple who has been waiting for the recent Supreme Court ruling.  Whatever the situation weddings for mid-life couples are a growing trend in the wedding business.  Midlife Weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate than younger couples where the focus in on family, and not on partying with hundreds of friends. Read on to learn tips for mid-life couples and their wedding!


Weddings for Mid-Life Wedding Couples at Cavender Castle

Mid-Life Couples often Elope



What makes Midlife Weddings different?

The life experiences of Mid-Life Couples can dramatically alter what they are looking for in their wedding.  First time weddings for young couples tend to be focused on the “party” aspect of the wedding and on the traditional wedding rituals such as the Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance, Garter Removal, Bouquet Toss and so on.  Often, younger couples want to “one-up” other young couples with the latest trendy wedding decor or theme.  Midlife weddings tend to have a much different focus…



Mid-Life Couples have a totally different perspective on their wedding


Castle Couple leaving Gazebo afterone of our midlife weddings

Ani & Brinley a Mid-Life Couple married at our Cavender Castle Wedding Venue



Here is what we have learned about our Mid-Life Couples:

  • They believe with all their hearts that they have found their soul-mate and this is their last marriage.
  • Their life experience gives them clarity on the things that that are important to them (and on what IS NOT important).
  • Usually, his means a focus on family, and their closest friends.
  • Weddings for Mid-Life Couples tend to be smaller events, (usually less than 75 guests) which make them unattractive to most wedding venues who seek larger weddings of 200+ guests..
  • Instead of trendy decor, the focus is often on Vintage, Classic, and themes that have stood the test of time.
  • Often, this means that their venue needs to throw out the standard wedding playbook they use for young couples, and design a plan that focuses on the unique vision of that Mid-Life Couple.  Customization is key!
  • Usually, this means that there will not be a Father-Daughter Dance or Mother-Son Dance.  Instead, there will be a “Family Dance” honoring their children.  Or, their probably will not be a Garter Removal or Bouquet Toss.  But there might be a special presentation of the bouquet to the family matriarch.
  • Plus, Mid-Life Couples have lots of other things to worry about with their new marriage… Selling one or more houses, consolidating financial plans, changing insurance plans, not to mention soothing the feelings of some family members who are struggling emotionally with the marriage and the changes in their life that will result.


We “Get” Weddings for Mid-Life Couples:

The list goes on and on…  And it can make planning a wedding for a Mid-Life Couple much more challenging than younger couples. The last thing you need is for planning the wedding to be a time-consuming hassle!

At Cavender Castle we “Get-It”!   We will work closely  with our Mid-Life Wedding Couples to design a plan that mirrors who you are, and where you, are at this stage in your lives.

We take care of the wedding details so you can focus on the more important aspects of designing your new life with the person of your dreams!

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Weddings for Mid-Life Couples at Cavender Castle

Weddings for Mid-Life Couples at Cavender Castle

Same Sex Midlife Weddings Couple

Necy and Bonnie, Married at Cavender Castle for their Midlife Weddings

Castle Midlife Weddings Couple

Couple enjoying a private moment after their Midlife Wedding at Cavender Castle

Advice & Tips for Mid-Life Couples:

We suggest that all mid-life brides check out this great book by author Lisa Joiner who chronicles the ups and downs of planning her own mid-life wedding.  Unveiled Wisdom shows brides how to overcome the challenges of getting married in mid-life. It’s the perfect handbook for any woman who’s ever felt lost in a youth dominated wedding market.

Author Lisa Joiner offers tips for mid-life couples

Unveiled Wisdom Author Lisa Joiner offers tips for mid-life couples

Whether you are getting married at Cavender Caslte or somewhere else, we suggest that you:

  • Visit her website:  for practical tips on her blog, real mid-life bride stories, and more.
  • Consider a phone consultation with Lisa.  It’s super affordable and the time you spend with Lisa over the phone will save you days, weeks, and even months of frustration trying to figure things out on your own. Because she has “been there – done that” Lisa can help you avoid the time and money wasting traps that mid-life brides typically struggle with.
Book by author Lisa Joiner

Book by author Lisa Joiner

How do you have a stress-free Mid-Life Wedding?  It’s Easy!

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