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North Georgia Weddings at Cavender Castle

Offering North GA Weddings since 2003

Cavender Castle – a pioneer in North Georgia Weddings 

Cavender Castle is a pioneer in North Georgia Weddings.  Over the years, North Ga. has grown into one of the most popular locations for weddings in the country.  However, way back when we started in 2003, there were just a handful of weddings held in the area.  Since then with the growth of vineyards throughout the mountains of North Georgia, has been coupled with a focus on weddings from the Dahlonega Chamber of Commerce As a result, the wedding business has boomed!  So, today, you will find many great choices for both large and small wedding venues in North Georgia, along with all the supporting services that make our North Ga Weddings great!

For us, it has been a privilege being part of the growth of North Ga. weddings, and the resulting growth of our local economy.  Most of all, we’ve had a blast being a pioneer in North Georgia Weddings!


So, what does this mean for you if you are looking for a North GA Wedding?

The best part of this story is that the locals understand the importance of weddings to our economy and community. Many of our local businesses such as hotels, B&B’s, vacation rentals, restaurants, florists, and bakeries rely on North Georgia weddings for their livelihood.  As a result, the locals treat our visitors with appreciation and a friendly, down-home courtesy you will not find at other destination wedding locations.


And, why are we telling you all this?  

Because we are the Durham Family.  As owners of Cavender Castle we are one of the pioneers in our local wedding economy. Currently, we are in our 14th year of hosting North Ga. Weddings.  Throughout our history we have proudly been family owned and operated.  Furthermore, we are unique in that our our family (Rick, Cyndi, and Delaney Durham) works directly with yours, every step of the way to provide stress free wedding experiences.  And finally, being located in Dahlonega, just one hour north of Atlanta, we have earned a reputation for “Royal Weddings that are not a Royal Pain”.  

Looking for stress-free North Ga Weddings for up to 100 guests?  

Look no further than the Durham Family & Cavender Castle!   

Little girl enjoying family focused North Georgia Weddings at Cavender Castle
family focused north ga weddings at Cavender Castle
small wedding venues in north Georgia - Castle Old World Gazebo
Happy Family after their North GA Wedding

See more examples of North Georgia Weddings here:  Photos


Why consider Cavender Castle for North Ga. Weddings?   

First of all, we are “Family-focused”.   But what does that mean?   We operate a family based small business where we work directly with every couple, and their families, to make sure your wedding is stress-free from start to finish. Hence, Rick, Cyndi and Delaney will personally plan every detail of your wedding with you.  And then on your wedding day we are the first to arrive and the last to leave.  Consequently, all those important details you talked about during the planning process will be handled without you having to worry.   And, you can count on lots of personal attention to make sure your wedding day is fun and stress-free!  Thinking this is all talk?   Be sure to check our Reviews!


We are one of the best small wedding venues in North Georgia

Cavender Castle is one of the few wedding venues in North Georgia that embraces intimate and small weddings for up to 100 guests.  Many other venues aren’t interested unless you are expecting at least 200 guests and have a budget of at least $25K.   Thus you have a problem  if you are focusing on a smaller event for immediate family and friends. 


Furthermore, there will be no financial surprises.  Unlike most other venues we post all our prices online.   And, our All Inclusive Wedding Packages are easy to understand and plan.   


In addition, we only do one wedding at a time.  Hence, all weddings at Cavender Castle (even our smallest, most intimate weddings) are private events where you and your guests have 100% of our staff’s attention.


And most ofall, you will have FUN at your wedding!    Cavender Castle has earned a reputation as the FUN North Georgia Wedding Venue.  If you want a stuffy and pretentious wedding… don’t come to us!   That’s not what we do!  However, if you want a fun, family focused wedding be sure to check out Cavender Castle and The Durham Family.


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