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Micro Weddings

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Micro Weddings:

Micro weddings are the biggest trend in the wedding industry.   The size of weddings has been gradually decreasing for over ten years.   Then Covid-19 hit the industry hard with limitations on the number of people allowed to gather, cancellations, postponements and lots of confusion.   All of this caused a radical change in the way that couples are looking at their wedding plans.   Instead of planning large, expensive parties many couples are downsizing to focus on being able to safely have their wedding with fewer people and those most important in their lives.   Enter Micro Wedding Packages and Micro Wedding Venues.

It turns out that at Cavender Castle we have been conducting micro weddings for years!   Over the years these smaller events have been commonly referred to as Elopements and  “Small Weddings”.    We look at the new micro wedding craze as basically the same thing we have been doing for years.   Our parent company is even called Small Wedding Experts LLC.   We “get-it” when it comes to Elopements and Micro Weddings.  



So what is the difference between an Elopement and Micro Wedding?

Traditionally, the two of you running off and getting married without anyone knowing was called an “Elopement”.   Las Vegas was a common place to visit and elope.   So were some of the tacky wedding chapels that cropped up in places like Helen, GA. and Pigeon Forge, TN.

But over the years the elopement term broadened to include immediate family and close friends.   Cavender Castle has been offering upscale “Elopements” for up to 25 guests since 2004!  We also offer stress free All Inclusive Elopement Packages.

Today, we consider a Micro Wedding to be a gathering of the couple’s closest family members  who gathering for a memorable wedding ceremony and simple reception.  Usually, this means 25-50 people, but sometimes a few more.    Most couples on Micro Wedding Packages tend to focus on having a memorable event that is both affordable, and stress free.   They look at the money saved on the wedding as an investment towards a house or for a nicer honeymoon.   Priorities have changed.   Forget the big expensive party for “friends” and guests you may not even know.  Instead, the focus is on family, close friends, and use the savings for an epic Honeymoon!

Micro Wedding Packages:  $9995; Offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday 4:00 pm Ceremony

This cost effective package allows you to have a stress free wedding ceremony followed by a small reception with family and friends closest to you. Arrive at 10:00 am and get your hair done with your girls. Your ceremony will start at 4:00 pm and all everything will be wrapped up by 10:00 pm. We offer an 12 hour time frame designed to deliver a stress-free wedding!


-Couple and up to 50 guests. Additional guests are $25 per person up to a maximum of 75 guests.

-Site fees at Cavender Castle for a 12 hour rental

-Minister and Customized Ceremony

-Choice of four ceremony sites; three outdoor and one indoor

-Indoor backup plan for weather

-Choice of three reception sites, one outdoor and two indoors

-8 Hours of coverage from one of our in-house team photographers

-At least 500 professionally edited photos delivered via online gallery

-Sound Equipment at ceremony site, choice of music for ceremony

-DJ & MC services at reception

-Day-Of coordination

-Online planning assistance leading up to your wedding

-One Face-to-Face planning session with wedding planner/coordinator.  Unlimited phone and email contact!

-$500 credit towards our decor shop (coming soon!).  Additional Decor Upgrades available trhough our Decor Shop, or provide your own!

-Extensive Vendor List to assist you with finding any additional vendors you may need

-Alcohol is permitted, must acquire inexpensive event liability insurance and must hire licensed bartender.(See below)

-Rehearsal can be scheduled on the day of your wedding at no charge.  Rehearsals the day before your wedding are a $200 upgrade, subject to availability.

-Catering must be provided by a licensed caterer or restaurant of your choosing. Caterer responsible for sending at least two staff members for set-up, serving, and clean-up of food areas.

-Couple or caterer must provide cups, plates, napkins, utensils, etc.






Adult Beverage Upgrades for Micro Weddings:

Looking to serve alcohol at your Micro Wedding? We love a good time! You can add adult beverages to your reception at no additional charge. All we require is that you obtain inexpensive event liability insurance protecting you, and Cavender Castle from claims related to alcohol. Additionally, we now require that you hire a licensed bartender if serving liquor. We want you to have fun and be able to relax and this makes sure of that! 



Decor Shop Upgrades:  

Our online decor shop provides everything that most couples will need to decorate their ceremony and reception sites.  Your package includes a $500 credit for items booked through the shop.  You are welcome to rent additional items as an upgrade, or bring and set-up your own decor. 

Are Wedding Photos Important To You?  

In house photography from Cavender Castle

Fantastic photos!  They should charge more for including such great photos in their Elopement Package!

Roberto & Mayra

Cavender Castle Elopement Bride and Groom

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