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Outdoor Wedding Venues Georgia

See the "Out There" Outdoor wedding Chapel at Cavender Castle
"Out There" Outdoor Wedding Chapel - Outdoor Wedding Venues Georgia

Looking for outdoor wedding venues Georgia?   Read on to learn about our newest addition to Cavender Castle, our “Out There” Outdoor Wedding Chapel.


“Out There” One of the new Outdoor Wedding Venues Georgia:  


In May of 2017 we opened “Out There” one of the new outdoor wedding venues Georgia.  We conduct memorable wedding ceremonies, especially Elopements,  year around at this location.


Why to we call it “Out There”?  


The answer to that question has several answers…  


This venue is located in a remote corner of our estate.  During construction whenever someone would ask where a staff member was working the natural response was to point towards the direction of the new venue and say, “Out There”.  


And then there is the theme and styling of this venue.


We have created an illusion of an open air wedding chapel in the woods.  The design has been described as being “natural” “rustic”  “whimsical” “eclectic” “spiritual” “unique” “hipster heaven” “different” and even “a place Robin Hood would get married”.  In short, it is “Out There”!  Not your typical fluffy-cloud ceremony site!


Out There can seat up to 60 people in church pews.  Your headcount can be increased to 75 with the use of additional folding chairs. 


This venue is located about 200 yards from Cavender Castle on Dahlonega.  The walk is flat and easy.  For elderly guests or those with mobility issues we have a golf cart available to eliminate the walk entirely.


“Out There” is a truly unique venue for North Georgia Weddings and All Inclusive Weddings.   Be sure to check out our Wedding Packages.    


Cavender Castle Ceremony Locations:


In addition to “Out There” we offer these three North Georgia Wedding Venues:


At Cavender Castle we have you covered no matter your vision for your ceremony!!!

5 Stars (Fantastic Experience)

“Our wedding was everything we wanted and more. The venue was beautiful. We were the first couple to use the new “Out There” site which is a rustic outside chapel. It was perfect. Rev. Rick took care of everything we needed and his daughter Delaney took pictures. They made sure our day was special. I cannot thank them enough. If I could give more than five stars I would!”

Mary & Jerry Gesell

Married "Out-There" on 6-1-17

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