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All Inclusive Weddings versus DIY Weddings


Thinking about All Inclusive Weddings?   Or maybe your are a DIY type person?   Most couple think that having All Inclusive Weddings means a cookie-cutter event where you cannot show your creativity and add your own personal touches.   This could not be further from the truth.  Read on to learn why you should take a good look at going with an All Inclusive option.   


First, couples who go with All Inclusive Weddings tend to enjoy their wedding experience more than those who who go the DIY route.  


Why?  Because with All Inclusive Weddings you will go through the hassle of selecting all your vendors saving you lot of time and frustration.  Also, All inclusive Weddings include the wedding professionals that have proven their value and quality by doing multiple weddings at your venue.  They already know how things work there.  Not the case with DIY weddings.


Think about it… Who would a wedding venue recommend for what is probably their most expensive (and important) package?  A new vendor with no proven track record?  Or, a true professional who has proven themselves to deliver quality and value time and time again? Remember, the venue’s reputation is on the line with All Inclusive Weddings.  Going with All Inclusive Weddings assures that you will be using the best vendors available in your area.  And that your wedding day runs smoothly without drama or surprises.


Saving money with All Inclusive Weddings:


Plus, there is the budgeting aspect of an All Inclusive Weddings.  With all inclusive weddings you know exactly what your wedding will cost.  There are no surprises.   As a result, you can create a spending plan that fits your vision and pocketbook.


Couples who go the DiY route almost always spend much, much more that they ever thought they would.  They book a cheaply priced venue and feel like they have gotten a great deal.  Then reality quality sets in… They have to rent tables, chairs, linens, and decor.  And then there is hiring and dealing with a busy caterer.  Not to mention all the time and cost to secure your officiant, florist, DJ, cake, photographer, bartender, and more.  Plus, who is going to do all the set-up and clean up?  Who will coordinate everything to make sure the day runs smoothly.  The list (and the costs) go on and on.


Think of Your Wedding As A Broadway Production:


Think of your wedding like a Broadway play.  A wedding is a production.  It is a show of your love for each other and appreciation for the people who are important to the two of you.  If you have ever been in a play or theatrical production you know that rehearsing is a critical part of a successful performance.  Having all the key players work together again and again is critical to the success of the show.  


All inclusive weddings are like a Broadway production

Weddings are like a Broadway Production


The same is true of your wedding.  All of your wedding professionals have a role to play. With All Inclusive Weddings everyone knows what their lines are and when to say them.  Your venue Wedding Coordinator is like having a stage manager for your production.  



Having a DIY wedding is like having opening night of your play without ever having had a rehearsal.  You hope that everyone knows their lines and comes on stage at the right time.  And this seldom happens…


And, never  forget that your wedding is a direct reflection upon you!   If the wedding goes smoothly and everyone has a great time that makes you look good in the eyes of your guests.  However, if there is chaos and  things to not run smoothly it makes you look very, very bad.  



12 Reasons Not To Have DIY Weddings:

  • The bride and groom seem stressed because the wedding is costing them far more than they ever dreamed of.
  • There is no professional wedding coordination and everything seems unorganized 
  • No one knows where to go or what to do.
  • Instead of enjoying her wedding the bride is asked a thousand questions because she is the only one who knows what is going on.
  • The ceremony starts late and the wedding timeline is thrown off track.
  • The minister is boring, unprofessional and a poor speaker
  • The photographer takes too long for photos after the ceremony and the timeline is put even further behind
  • The DJ is an amateur who does not know how to introduce the couple for their first dance, father-daughter dance, mother-son dance, cake cutting and all the other wedding activities.  Unprofessional DJs make everyone uncomfortable.
  • The food is cold because it is being served over an hour past the intended time for dinner.
  • There is no staff to clear tables after dinner so Mom and other family members have to do it.
  • At the end of the wedding everyone bolts leaving the clean up to some unfortunate soul who never wanted to do it in the first place.


Characteristics of DIY Bride

Typical DIY Bride wondering where her wedding cake is?



14 Reasons to have All Inclusive Weddings:

  • The bride and groom are relaxed and enjoying the day.
  • When your guests arrive that are directed where to go and what to expect.
  • There is professional wedding coordination making sure the timeline stays on track.
  • All your vendors know where to go and what to do.
  • Your ceremony and receptions sites are professionally decorated without you having to lift a finger! 
  • The ceremony starts on time.
  • The minister is a pro who delivers a ceremony your guests will remember forever.
  • Photos after the ceremony are efficient from a pro who has worked your venue before.
  • The reception starts on time.
  • The food is served on time and tastes great.
  • The DJ is a pro who knows how to work with the venue staff and how to keep the party going.
  • The venue’s staff does all the serving and clearing of tables.  Mom is treated like the queen she is!
  • After the wedding you and all your guests depart leaving the clean-up to the venue staff.
  • You, your family, and your guests are all saying, “That was the best wedding ever!”


So don’t go it alone!  Go with an All Inclusive Wedding and sleep better at night!


Happy Couple on All Inclusive Weddings

Happy couple celebrating successful all inclusive weddings at Cavender Castle



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Cavender Castle has specializes in All Inclusive Weddings to couples in Dahlonega GA and North Georgia.  We are family owned and operated by the Durham Family since 2003.  One of the original North Georgia Wedding Venues, Cavender Castle has earned a reputation for “Royal Weddings That Aren’t A Royal Pain!” 

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